Our Elders tell our story, can you hear them calling?
They call to tell the story of the pain of science from long ago
They tell us of the story when sorrow and trauma of the body met in medicine
So, this is the history we hold now when technology and vaccinations call upon us
But can you hear the elders calling
Telling us of their history and triumphs over wars, plagues and adversities
Telling us of their history where light overcame the darkness
Now history has its eyes on us, our children’s children history is calling
So here we stand at the junction of history, we are not throwing away this opportunity
But has COVID taken away our history?
Its presence capturing our body, mind and spirit so quickly.
It is taking away our elders – the ones that will have told our story!
So how then shall we tell our future?
Sleeves up, lockdown done – this vaccination is part of our story
But it is so quickly done, questions raised, but no questions go unanswered
‘Cause our GPs and our scientists, in the fullness of diversity and the greatness of their knowledge
Answered the call of history, have you had that conversation? Have you gained some of their knowledge on that vaccination?
‘Cause history has its eyes on us and we are not throwing away this opportunity

Can you hear the caged bird sing?
Dear Lord, show us the way
Could the way be in our unity, our mutual aid or charity?
Shall we rise or shall we fall.
Sleeves up! Dare to dream!
We shall fight for our tomorrow.
A tomorrow where young and old, black and white, religious and atheist can live to tell a story
Give our unity a shot
for history has its eyes on us
Let us not throw away our shot.