Bishop Joanne writes:

Revd Paul Zaphiriou will be retiring at the end of the year, and moving to Cornwall. I will miss the wisdom, encouragement, and graciousness with which he has fulfilled this role, and I wish him, with Bonnie, every happiness for his retirement when it comes. Revd Tamsin Merchant has accepted the invitation to become the next Area Dean. We all know Tamsin as a person of extraordinary compassion and wise thinking, and I am sure that she will make a great contribution supporting colleagues in Islington and contributing to thinking about ministry and mission across Stepney area.

Tamsin writes:

I was delighted to be asked to become Area Dean for Islington Deanery this coming year. I arrived in Islington in 2012, receiving a very warm welcome and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of chapter, and on the receiving end of supportive Area Deans throughout those years. It was Jess Swift who cunningly subbed me to the role of Sub-Dean and Paul continued this. Paul has been excellent in his role as Area Dean, particularly through the time of this pandemic, and I know we will be praying for him as he and Bonnie retire and move away. I look forward to learning from Paul and the Bishop’s team over the coming months, and stepping up into the role of Area Dean. I know across the Deanery we must continue to support, encourage and pray together, seeking to make Christ known.

Please pray for Paul as he enjoys a season of farewells in Islington, and for Tamsin as she prepares for this new role.