You can take the boy out of London, but you can’t take London out of the boy!

Well, I’m not exactly a boy anymore – it’s my 50th birthday in a few weeks! – but I’m certainly looking forward to getting back “home” to London. The past 21 years of ordained life have been varied with seasons in Yorkshire, South London, Birmingham, West Africa and South East Asia.

Over those 21 years, I’ve experienced some really supportive and strong relationships with colleagues that have enabled me to navigate challenges. My hope is that as Archdeacon of Hackney I will be able to forge strong connections with clergy and lay leaders and be part of building the support network that’s needed.

My sense is that I’m joining an Area that places a high value on teamwork. My intention is to be collaborative and accessible so that together we can make progress with God’s vision that ‘every Londoner encounter the love of Christ’.

Read the announcement of the new Archdeacon of Hackney on the Diocese of London website.