A triennial review of Hackney Centre of Mission took place earlier this year with a reviewer from Church Army and the Diocese and a report came to the Church Army Management Group and to the Bishop of Stepney. The report has been considered against whether it fulfils Church Army’s strategy and the local needs of the diocese.  Following a consultation process the decision has been made to close the Hackney Centre of Mission and it will close on Friday 12thAugust 2022.

We are very grateful for all the work that Stephen and Andrena did in Hackney, especially Hackney can Sing, Barney’s Cafe, the food pantry, This GYAL Can, and work with local youth organisations and schools. During COVID both evangelists gave generously of their time working with local community support organisations.  Stephen has already moved on to a new role as a Prison Chaplain. Andrena is exploring a new ministry opportunity and is looking forward to continuing her training with Church Army.  Please keep both of them as well as the local church and people that they served in your prayers.