Aleka Gutzmore and Laura Luz have been working with Anu Omideyi and produced this resource ‘We are One‘ which could be used online as well as in schools and Sunday schools to allow children to explore themes of race from a Biblical Perspective.

We came to create this after meeting for coffee and discussing time and time again that although race is an issue spoken about in schools, our Sunday Schools and Church Schools (often poorly resourced post covid and working with busy volunteers) don’t have resources to be able to discuss these issues creatively and from a Biblical perspective.

The resource includes two songs with videos and karaoke style tracks as well as a comprehensive teaching plan for using these over 4-6 lessons with primary school aged children.

The resources have already been piloted in our church school , Holy Trinity, used at our ‘Holy Moly’ services and been used in churches and schools in Lewisham. There is a cost to the resources which is going back into creating more resources around these themes and also gifting poorer communities with them without cost.

We’d love to see Stepney churches, and churches throughout the country using these.