Saturday 3rd December 2022, a day I thought I would never see, has now become a day I will never forget. The day I was Ordained Deacon by Joanne, Bishop of Stepney after many years of first hearing God’s call. I had been serving for eleven years as a Licensed Lay Minister.

For several of those years I was leading St. Luke’s Homerton in the absence of our Vicar, who sadly was on long-term sick leave. It was during that time that I first sensed a call to ordination. However, no longer being in the first flush of youth, I knew that the church would not accept me for training, on account of my age. I asked God in prayer why I was sensing this call, when at that time it seemed impossible for me to be ordained. There seemed to be no answer.

Time went on but the call never went away until finally along came the Caleb Stream. A one- year pathway to ordination for older people. As I was considering joining the Stream, Bishop Joanne knowing of my years of experience as a Lay Minister and my desire for ordination, contacted me. She then very kindly made arrangements for my discernment and examination, and a church placement, resulting in the wonderfully happy occasion on 3rd December.

I want to give huge thanks to Bishop Joanne and to all those involved in examining, discerning and preparing me for this new phase of ministry as a Deacon. Also, to everyone who has loved and supported me over many years. Both in my own parish of Hackney across the Saint church group and across the Stepney Area and Diocese. Above all thanks to our Gracious God, for whom nothing is impossible.