Before becoming a Christian and being ordained as a Deacon, Raff battled drug addiction and was an atheist for 14 years.

Today as part of His calling, Raff runs a ministry called Our father’s House Recovery Ministry, for the past 6 years, at All Hallows Bow church, the service happens every Tuesday at 7pm.

Our Father’s House is a church service dedicated for those battling addiction as well as those in recovery and their families. Our Father’s House is a bridge between 12 steps recovery programmes such as AA, NA and CA and the wider church.

Its aim is to introduce those in recovery seeking a Higher Power to know that His name is Jesus, and to introduce Jesus to them in a language that is relatable to those in recovery or still addicted.

Our Father’s House has a mixture of social events with teachings and outreaches throughout the year. They have done teachings on new and Old Testament, using language that makes it easily relatable to those who attend, as well as have created a 12 step approach from Scripture, rather than using the usual recovery literature.

Our Father’s House also is passionate about not just speaking of Jesus, but also living like Jesus by the way it blesses the recovery community.

They offer weekly bus passes to those leaving jail or treatment centre wanting to attend meetings but unable to due to financial problems.

They also offer a Food Bank specifically for people in recovery from addiction or those still addicted, as well as a monthly homeless outreach, where they not just use it to feed and love on the homeless, but to tell those who are homeless and addicted that there’s a way out. The other way it blesses those in recovery, regardless of faith background, is by offering free Bibles and AA big book as well as NA basic text to those new in recovery.

Revd Raff’s vision is to one day run a day rehab in a church building, and to be able to provide detox to those in desperate need, but unable to as the help from government is less and less possible nowadays.

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