A new resource for deepening discipleship is now available from the diocesan website. It was created with the help and feedback from several parishes in our diocese. You can read more on www.wayoflife.london, or download the resource directly.

In the book of Acts, the first Christians were known as those who ‘belonged to the Way’. Our faith is not just about believing in Jesus, but about expressing this by the way we live. A Way or Rule of Life – as a ‘handbook’ for how a Christian community might live together – dates back to the monastic communities of the third century. Our Way of Life resource covers the following aspects:

  • It introduces a Way of Life Framework, consisting of three common discipleship movements, around which churches might build their shared Way of Life. 
  • It provides churches with tools to Discern a shared Way of Life for their church community, taking into account their unique context and calling.
  • It offers examples of different Ways of Life and a Practice Toolkit to help churches on their way as they discern the patterns and practices that will help them embody their shared Way of Life.

If you have any questions, are interested in a Quiet Day on this subject or would like to chat through how this resource might benefit your church community, please do get in touch with our Discipleship Enabler Mirjam Ngoy-Verhage.