Free School Meals for NRPF Families

NRPF stands for No Recourse to Public Funds. It’s a condition that applies to most migrants in the UK. It means they are not entitled to the majority of welfare benefits, including jobseekers’ allowance, housing benefit and social housing.

These families may have children in school, but as the cost of living rises steeply, families in this situation are amongst the most vulnerable in our society.

Many church and school communities in the Diocese of London will be in contact with these vulnerable individuals and families.

What is the policy change on free school meals for NRPF families?

You will have heard the Mayor of London’s recent announcement that every London primary school pupil can access free school meals next academic year. This is welcome news!

However, this scheme ends in September 2024 and does not include secondary schools, so it’s important to also highlight a recent change to government policy.

In April 2022, the Department for Education made free school meals permanently available to families affected by the the No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) policy, who meet the eligibility criteria. Critically, this includes children whose families may have irregular immigration status (referred to by some as “undocumented”).

This was a very welcome decision that should allow thousands of children living in poverty to access one nutritious meal a day. This change also allows schools to get further funding through the pupil premium to support the most disadvantaged children.

Please read more and watch some short videos on the Compassionate Communities web pages, including who is eligible & how to apply and what we can do as church and school communities.