This is GrowTH is a Tower Hamlets homelessness project run in partnership with a number of churches in the borough.

Their vision is “to see transformation in the lives of marginalised men and women in Tower Hamlets, for God’s glory”. At their core, they “are a partnership of churches who love their homeless neighbours and desperately want their lives to be healed.“

This is GrowTH run a night shelter over the winter in local churches. They also have supported housing, a new day centre, and plans for a “discipleship house”. Last winter 134 guests used their shelter, and 63 were helped into move on accommodation.

Over the past few years, many of the rotating night shelter models have changed, either due to Covid or other factors. This is GrowTH have chosen to continue with this model, alongside the other housing and support they offer.

Naomi Johns, Director of This is GrowTH shares a little of the vision and values that drive this work, and in particular their unashamed Christian core.

You can read more about this project on the Compassionate Communities web pages here.