Our 5 yearly building inspection identified that the south aisle roof was in need of replacement and several leaks which damaged the inside of the church confirmed this judgement!

As the roof was due to be fully replaced, we took the opportunity to add an additional layer of sheep’s wool to improve the insulation.  We also replaced areas of crumbling stonework, rusted gutters and old lead flashings, and we added solar panels.

We now have 32 high spec solar panels resting upon Welsh slate tiles with a peak output of 15kW which will meet about half of our historic electricity use, and reduce our bills by around £2-3,000 a year.

In addition, we have recently installed an air source heat pump, which works with our existing underfloor heating to massively reduce our reliance on gas and our carbon footprint.

We are grateful to Cloudesley and to the Diocese for their financial support.  We are very pleased to have been able to refurbish our lovely 164-year-old church, make it more comfortable and cost effective to run, and generate green energy on our path to Net Zero Carbon.