Part of our Stepney Area Vision is: “We want every church to sign up to the Church of England’s carbon reduction targets via the Eco Church movement, Energy Footprint Tool or similar network”.  I am delighted, therefore, to share this Stepney Parish Creation Care Plan as a tool to help parishes engage with this and related creation care commitments by the National Church and London Diocese.

This Plan has been prepared by an Area Creation Care Group led by our Creation Care Area Lead, Daniel Gerrans. The Plan itself is on page 2, and, as stated on page 1, it offers a way for parishes in the Stepney Area to make these commitments a reality by reducing their carbon footprints, becoming more aware of ecological loss and damage and taking concrete steps to address these issues through worship, prayer and action.

We warmly commend the Plan to you for consideration and action by your PCCs.

In particular, if you haven’t done so already, may I encourage you to register with Eco Church.  This of itself is not a difficult step to take.  Gathering the information needed to progress through the various stages of the Eco Church award scheme is more time-consuming, but members of the Area Creation Care Group have kindly offered to support and assist laypeople or clergy in parishes in doing this.  If you would like to take up this offer, please contact Daniel at

Daniel has also asked me to encourage you to consider participating in the Season of Creation, observed ecumenically each year in September as a time to renew our relationship with our Creator and all creation through celebration, conversion, and commitment together, joining our sisters and brothers in Christ in prayer and action for our common home. For more information see, where you can find a rich menu of resources at  And if you do try something, do tell Daniel

 Finally, if at all possible, please complete the Energy Footprint Tool as part of your Parish Return system by 31 July.  This tool will help you understand your own current carbon emissions and will help allocate funding and support to parishes that need it in future years. There is plenty of support available online as to how to fill it in, including a “walk through” guide –  or contact the Diocesan Environmental Officer, Jack Edwards.

With best wishes and prayers,

Bishop Joanne