We want everyone in our 3 boroughs to encounter the love of Jesus. We want to see our churches growing in number, full of confident disciples, and reaching out to the communities around them with compassion.

Read the Stepney Area presentation slides for the Diocesan 2030 Vision, which will underpin our life and mission in the coming years.
You can watch a presentation of our Vision here.

Stepney Strategy for delivering London Vision 2030
Video from Andy Rider, Dean of Mission
Discussion slides for PCCs

Stepney Area Vision 2030 Strategy Document
Stepney Vision

Three Ambitions


Confident disciples
  • We will invest in our own personal discipleship
  • We will invest in the discipleship of those in our care growing together as confident disciples
  • We will commit to making and seeing new disciples joining our churches
  • We will grow the numbers of all those in leadership, including many more self-supporting lay and ordained ministers

Andy Rider, Dean of Mission, is interviewed about discipleship

The Diocesan website has some more local information

Read more about Vocations and Discipleship here

LICC Research on how to make disciples

List of Discipleship Resources

Compassionate communities
  • We will map what Churches are doing so as to share best practice and forge partnerships
  • We will identify partners beyond the church to work with in addressing these areas of need
  • We will be a prophetic voice supporting coal initiatives to address the focus areas
  • We will commit to the wellbeing of ourselves and our environment

Read more about Capital Mass here.

Foodbank Maps.

Help on your doorstep

Creative growth
  • We will support every church, of every tradition, to grow, through training, consultation and models of best practice in order to double our church membership over the next ten years
  • We will nurture and develop vocation, training, models of ministry, evangelism, planting revitalisation and digital ways of being church
  • We will position the Area Staff team and its work to support mission and growth
  • We will seek to equip church members to share their faith to see new people coming to faith

Find out about our very own Church Growth Toolkit

Read more about the Gregory Centre for church multiplication and their GROW course here.

Read about the Size Dynamics of growing churches here.

Three Priorities

  • We will grow disciples within our existing worshipping communities
  • We will seek to grow new young disciples
  • We will serve young people in their communities
  • We will map youth provision across these three objectives

The Stepney lead for the Diocesan Children and Youth Mnistry Support is Katie O’Conor.  To find out more please follow the following links:

Three Youthwork reports to read:

School Venture residentials – for children in Years 4 and 5 where they can engage with fun gospel teaching.  Read more about Venture holidays here.

  • We will operate and grow our churches in a safe framework
  • We will respond to every safeguarding concern through appropriate referral to the diocesan safeguarding team and will care for victims and survivors as directed by them
Striving for racial justice
  • We will ensure that our theological discourse and education fully reflect the heritage of all communities within of the Church of England
  • We will be fully aware of our diversity as a church, tell the truth about our heritage as a church, and act justly when we encounter the legacies of injustice and discrimination within our structures
  • We will be committed to the full and just representation and empowerment of Black, Asian and other people of colour within our church structures

Expore the resources that the Church of England has made available for Black History Month and beyond.

Three Resources


The following are useful funding links:


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